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              2. SIM Card Personalization
                LOCATION:Home ? Product ? SIM Card Personalization
              3. MODEL:PTA series
                Name:PTA Series Smart Card Perso
                • Info
                • Configuration
                • Specification
                • Video

                  -The PTA series is mainly used for smart card personalization,including card loading/unloading automatically,
                   card contact, contactless, double-sided graphical 
                  personalization and card re-perso online, etc.



                  -Chip personalization module adopts double lift-towers, which can realize 32 cards being encoded at the same time,
                   this keeps high capacity even for large-capacity 
                  chip initialization and pre-personalization as well as personalization.



                  -2 sets of 50-watt lasers help improving the marking speed.



                    -Depending on the unique twin lift-towers structure of PIOTEC,

                    -it's much more convenient to switch the production job between 2in1 and 4in1 card without any mechanical adjustment or replacement.

                    Input Module

                  -Two removable input magazine can be switched automatically, and the maximum capacity is up to 500pcs for each one.


                  Contact/Contactless Chip Encoding Module

                  -Equipped with double lift-tower, one is for 4in1 card perso with 8 stations, and the other is for 2in1 card & ISO card perso wich
                   16 stations. Production job can be switched easily 
                  between 2in1 and 4in1 card without any mechanical adjustment or replacement.
                  -When producing ISO card or 2in1 card, 32stations whith 64 readers can be configured into double lift-towers, which improve the
                   production capacity in a large-scale.



                    Flipper Module

                  - Front & back side engraving and top side of card can be chosen by enabling or disability the 3 sets of flippers.
                    Laser Marking Module
                    -2 sets of 50-watt lasers make double-sided graphical personalization possible with the accuracy of ± 0.2mm .
                    Output Module
                    -Two removable output magazines can be switched automatically, and the maximum capacity is up to 500pcs for each one.












                    Max. Throughput  6000cph
                    Overall Dimension 3200mmX750mmX1700mm (LxWxH)
                    Power Supply 220V (-5%~+10%), 50Hz, 4KW
                    Operation Temperature +12℃~+38℃
                    Operating System Win7
                    Card Supported Conform with standards of ISO7816, ISO14443
                    Encoding Failure Rate Less than 0.1%
                    Malfunction Rate Downtime is less than 1 hour within 100hours' continuous production
                    Power Type Motor-driven , Air-driven
                    Continuous Running Time 7x24hours
                    Automatically Reperso Function Support
                     Hierarchical User Management Support
                    Secondary Development Support

                  Basic Spare Parts, Driver Installation Package, Electrical Drawings,Operation Instructions, Maintenance Instructions, Software Guidebook.



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