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              2. Card Ranking & Sorting
                LOCATION:Home ? Product ? Card Ranking & Sorting
              3. MODEL:PTE-S10
                Name:PTE-S10 Card Sorting & Ranking
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                  PTE-S10 is widely applied to the sorting and ranking of smart card that conforms to the ISO/IEC 7816 standard. It classifies smart cards by visual
                  identity or other related graphical information detecting technology after necessary data lookup and matching. Meanwhile, the position and information
                  of missing card can be recognized.




                  -Max.ranking capability is 3000pcs, which can be extended.
                  -High efficiency ranking module with double-table.
                  -The secondary OCR checking ensures the ranking accuracy.
                  -Conform to ISO/IEC 7816
                  -High efficiency sorting function.




                    Input Module

                  One removable input magazine and the maximum capacity is up to 500pcs.


                  Flipper Module

                  The three flippers can realize the double-sided card detection, and the top side of output card can be decided by enabling or disabling them.



                    OCR Detecting Module

                  The serial number of card is recognized by two sets of OCR after identifying the surface information in designated area and matching with database.
                    Card Sorting Module
                    Keep the cards which do not belong to the current ranking interval.
                    Card Ranking Module
                    Card ranking is realized by the twin turntables which have the card storage of 500pcs.
                    OCR checking Module
                    One set of OCR ensure the ranking accuracy by identifying the surface information in designated area and matching with database.
                    Output Module
                    One removable output magazine, and the maximum capacity is up to 500pcs.




                    Max. Throughput  5500cph
                    Overall Dimension 2800mmX780mmX1600mm (LxWxH)
                    Power Supply 220V (-5%~+10%), 50Hz, 4KW
                    Operation Temperature +12℃~+38℃
                    Operating System Win7
                    Card Supported ABS,PVC,PET,PETG,PC,etc. 
                    Power Type Motor-driver
                    Continuous Running Time 7x24hours
                    Automatically Reperso Function Support
                     Hierarchical User Management Support
                    Secondary Development Support

                  Basic Spare Parts, Driver Installation Package, Electrical Drawings,Operation Instructions,Maintenance Instructions, Software Guidebook.

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