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                LOCATION:Home ? About Us


                Shenyang Piotec Technology Co.,Ltd founded by the first generation of developers in the smart card personalization field in 2006,became the subsidiary of Bluelight Group in 2013, and was awarded the title of national new high-tech enterprise in 2016 as well.

                 For more than a decade, Piotec has been always focusing on the development, manufacture and sales of automation products in fields such as LOT, mobile communication, identity authentication, financial services and government affairs, also providing safe and reliable solutions for the semiconductor and smart card manufacturers. With the rich industrial experience, Piotec has made continuous innovation, gained accumulations of its own core technology in the field of data security, as well as adhered to the “Originality Spirit" to create internationalized products and services. Now we have already provided  secure and reliable smart card personalization production line and a few kinds of self-service terminal products for a number of governments and enterprises around the world in many fields such as IC , ID and M2M.

                At present, Piotec has become the world's major suppliers in chip module initialization field; The smart chip readers of fully independent intellectual property rights have become the most competitive products in the world; High-speed sim card personalization machine which is developed independently has been widely recognized in smart card manufacturing industry and promoted the sustained and rapid development of the industry; Self-service terminal for card instant issuance with excellent performance (including bank cards, social security cards, ID cards and driver's licenses) has been put into application in many countries around the world and continues to make sure the growth and prosperity of customer’s information security .

                With experienced R & D team, deep technical accumulations and perfect after-sales service system, Piotec achieved a wide good reputation in smart card industry. In the future, we will adhere to the core values of "integrity based,performance first", take" conducive to customer value creation, conducive to team strength enhancement and conducive to enterprise development promotion" as the mission, as well as strive to become a global famous brand in the field of intelligent manufacturing where we shall make remarkable contribution for Chinese Smart Manufacturing.

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