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                SIM card issuance

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                  As a Chinese leading SIM card personalization service provider, Piotec has provided secure and stable personalization systems and services for the world's major SIM card manufacturers based on years of technology development and customer service experience. In order to increase the efficiency and convenience of SIM card issuance, Piotec adopts a special mechanism design to achieve easy switch between a variety of SIM card production tasks without replacing any parts for the SIM card manufacturers.



                • PTH-1501 Desktop Card Perso
                  PTH-1501 is mainly used for contact/contactless card pre-personalization and personalization, such as ID Card, Telecom Card, Social Security Card, PayTV Card, etc.

                • PTH-1502 Desktop Card Perso
                  PTH-1502 is mainly uesd for contact/contactless card personalization and laser marking, such as Public Transportation Card,Social Security Card, PayTV Card,etc.

                • PTA Series Smart Card Perso
                  The PTA series is mainly used for smart card personalization,including card loading/unloading automatically, card contact, contactless, double-sided graphical personalization and card re-perso online, etc...

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