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                ID card issuance

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                  Piotec's secure card personalization solutions are mainly for ID card manufacturers, public security bureaus, social security card centers and etc. They can ensure the security and durability of ID card.



                • CP200 ID Card Laser&HD Printing System
                  CP200 ID card laser perso &amp; HD printing system is developed for high security use of smart cards, such as National IDs, Driver Licenses, Payment Cards and etc. The innovative system is able to realize retransfer printing, laser engraving and lamination. Different encoding options such as Magnetic Strip and Contact / Contactless can be integrated.

                • CPL300 ID Card Laser Engraving Machine
                  CPL300 ID Card Laser Engraving System developed for high-security requirement,is used for producing anti-counterfeit...

                • PTH-1501 Desktop Card Perso
                  PTH-1501 is mainly used for contact/contactless card pre-personalization and personalization, such as Telecom Card, Social Security Card, PayTV Card, etc.

                • PTH-1502 Desktop Card Perso
                  PTH-1502 is mainly uesd for contact/contactless card personalization and laser marking, such as Public Transportation Card,Social Security Card, PayTV Card,etc.

                • PTC-500A High-speed Card Printer
                  PTC-500A is mainly used for high-speed and high-resolution card printing.

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