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                IC module initialization

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                  Chip module initialization and pre-personalization system from Piotec has helped the world's leading IC module encapsulation and testing companies and smart card manufacturers to achieve high-speed and stable chip module initialization production. By using the reader developed independently by Piotec which has been highly recognized by domestic and international customers, the procurement costs of our customers have been reduced by 50%.



                                  PTM-120B                        PTM-120A                        PTM-P7            



                • PTM-120B Chip Module Initialization
                  PTM-120B is an upgrade product designed for the increasing production requirement of chip encapsulation &amp; testing factories andsmart...

                • PTM-120A Chip Module Initialization
                  PTM-120A is designed in the needs of chip encapsulation/testing companies and smart card manufacturers. It integrates chip counting, chip initialization, chip pre-personalization, open and short test as well as reject chip punching and marking. Reject chip can also be marked manually according to customer’s requirement.

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