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                Piotec Participated in Trustech Incorporating Cartes 2016


                On Dec.1st, the 3 days’ exhibition of “Trustech Incorporating Cartes 2016” in Palais des Festivals, Cannes France came to a successful close. Founded in 1985, Cartes has become the largest professional exhibition in Smart Card & Payment Industry and provides a deep communication opportunity in this field. It brought together as many as 137 exhibitors and sponsors around the world as well as more than 12,000 participants.

                Shenyang Piotec Technology Co., Ltd well prepared and attended it with the equipment of instant issuance system, card laser printer, chip module initialization machine, reader, etc. It has become the absolute leader of Chinese smart card industry with over ten years’ service experience. At the exhibition, our booth attracted a large number of visitors, where our engineers and sale staffs had face-to-face contact with customers to introduce & demonstrate the innovative products, as a result, received positive evaluation.

                It is a harvest tour. Piotec won great attention of the exhibition through its personalization equipment, collected information of potential customers, as well as further understood the latest smart card market. We will continue to accelerate the process of brand building, provide the best smart card personalization equipment for customers worldwide.


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