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                The Eastern Star of Seamless Middle East2017


                The Seamless Middle East took place from 1st to 2nd May 2017 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The conference was the largest-scale professional finance exposition in the Middle East. The professionals from smart cards industrial chain, bank, e-commerce, retailer and government authority gathered here to exchange experience and know latest technology trend.

                As one of the exhibitors, visitors favored us, even some of the visitors went straight to our booth to consult and show their desire for business relationship. The show and explanation of our products was the cynosure of all eyes. ID CARD LASER ENGRAVING SYSTEM (CPL300)and INSTANT100 surprised visitors because of its mature function, high efficiency and strong technological background, of which INSTANT100 can complete card issuance, remake and replacement quickly, process time-consuming work automatically and improve work efficiency greatly. Our customer group was expanding due to extensive application performance.

                The exposition provided the opportunity of face-to-face conversation with customers, in which it was a good chance to know the need of customers, serve them better and create more value for them.

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