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                Growing Up and Creating Glory- PIOTEC ISO9001 training


                The training of ISO9001 quality management system was held on 12-13 May, 2017 at Shenyang Piotec Technology Co.,Ltd. The aim was to promote overall performance and lay the foundation for sustainable development.


                For the most of us, ISO is a familiar and strange vocabulary. When consumers buy the products, the ISO certified label stamped on the surface of products can be seen. To be specific, ISO is the short name of International Organization for Standardization. The series of ISO 9000 is the fruit summarized from quality management experience of many countries with developed industry, which clarifies quality management & quality control system and provide the guideline for assessment of quality management and quality control system. The series of ISO 9000 is implemented by more than 110 countries including developed country and developing country, which makes market competition fiercer and the quality of products and services improved day by day. It is proved that the effective quality management is one of the methods if you want to earn success in fierce market competition.


                Piotec engaged a professional expert – Liang Wei to impart the content of Fundamentals and vocabulary of ISO9000 & Requirements of ISO9001. Mr. Liang is a state registered assessor of quality management system with rich experience. All staff benefited a lot from this training, from which we learnt many theories such as the quality management principles, PDCA circle, SMART and SWOT principle. These theories not only can provide theoretical basis for quality management, but also can be applied into our daily work, in result improving our work efficiency and developing standard work flow. With the development of science and technology, the production flow of modern products is more complicated. When quality management system is applied, company can well deal with both inside and outside risk and grasp the beneficial opportunity to create better glory. For individuals, the thinking of quality management is crucial. It can enhance the quality awareness and management ability of all staff, improve work efficiency and group cohesiveness, and inspire us to improve living and working quality. The ability of all staff will meet the need of company’s ongoing development by this way.


                Piotec takes this training as a start and takes the implementation of quality management system as target. The purpose is to fulfill our expectant result comprehensively.


                Piotec will gain your trust by our proven ability.






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