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              3. MODEL:PTE-S5000
                Name:PTE-S5000 Smart Card Sorting and Ranking Machine
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                  PTE-S5000 Smart Card Sorting and Ranking Machine, applied to various smart cards conforming to ISO/IEC7816 standard , based on OCR system and contact / contactless IC recognition, reads and recognizes both surface and internal information of the card to check if they match in the database, and then determines the current card serial number so as to realize the cards sorting and ranking. In the process of production, the reject and missing cards will be replaced by a special pos-occupying card. At the sorting end of each unit, a special unit-dividing card will be inserted.

                    - Applied for various smart cards conforming to ISO/IEC 7816 standard.
                    - Load pos-occupying card automatically to ensure continuous card sorting in the case of card missing.
                    - Buffer module can store 2500pcs with the function of auto-loading and unloading.
                    - Check both surface and internal information of the card by multi checking methods so as to ensure that the 
                    surface and internal information match with accurate sorting sequence.
                    - Load unit-dividing card automatically to differentiate each sorting unit easily.
                    - High-efficiency double turntables sorting mechanism with high speed and strong stability.












                  Input Module Flipper Module Recognizing Module
                  Buffer Module Card Ranking Module Checking Module

                  Input Module


                  Equipped with 1 removable input magazine and the maximum capacity is up to 500pcs.


                  Flipper Module

                  Equipped with 2sets of flippers to adjust the card orientations so as to realize recognizing and checking the surface and chip information at different card sides.

                  Recognizing Module

                  2Sets. Recognition module consists of OCR module and contact /contactless IC module which realize reading and recognizing surface and internal information of the card, as well as matching that with the database to confirm the current serial number for the card.

                    Buffer Module
                    1 set. Buffering the cards that belong to the current sorting range but not belong to the current sorting unit with the function of auto loading/unloading.

                  Card Ranking Module
                    2 sets of turntables, each set can store 250pcs of cards, 500pcs in total.
                    Checking Module
                    1set.Checking module consists of OCR module and contact / contactless IC module which realize reading and recognizing both surface and internal information of the cards.
                    Output Module
                    Adopting turntable output structure.Equipped with 2 output magazines (capacity of 500pcs) for sorted cards with auto-switch function; 1 pos-occupying card magazine(capacity of 200pcs); 1 reject card magazine(capacity of 200pcs).
                    Recycle Box
                    Recycle cards not belonging to current sorting job with capacity of 50pcs.

                    Dimension 3520mmX880mmX1920mm(LxWxH)
                    Weight 1400KG
                    Power Supply 220V, 50Hz, 5KW
                    Noise <65dB
                    Operation Temperature 23℃±3℃
                    Operation Humidity 50%±10%
                    Air Supply 0.6Mpa 
                    Communication Interface Ethernet
                    MaximumThroughput  5000cph 
                    Application Scope Supporting various cards(53.98 mm x 85.60 mm) conforming to ISO ID-1/CR-80 standard such as PC、PET、PVC、ABS










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