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                The Highlight of the 12th Security Document Summit



                The 12th Security Document Summit was held for two days in October 24, 2017. Security Document Summit (SDS) focuses on banknote, ID documents, securities, invoice, certificates, tickets and brand protection, following advanced security, anti-counterfeiting and traceability technologies. It has become a world-famous event in security and anti-counterfeiting. SDS is not only an important platform for anti-counterfeiting enterprises to communicate with end-users, but also an annual festival for security and identification industry in China.


                Piotec has been always focusing on ID personalization technology for more than a decade. As a senior enterprise in ID printing field, CPL300 ID Card Laser Engraving Machine was exhibited which is developed and produced by Piotec. Laser engraving are configured to realize anti-counterfeit technology of personal data, ghost image, micro-text, tactile effects and CLI/MLI. CPL300 ID Card Laser Engraving Machine gained widely attention of visitors, because it not only can meet market demand, but also con tribute to the cost saving project of customers.


                Piotec hopes to meet you and share with you in the field of ID card security technology.

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